Wednesday, August 13, 2008

War in the Caucasus

Russian forces en route to South Ossetia
Photo: Dimitriy Kostyukov, AFP

Little Bezhenka from South Ossetia rests on a bed in Vladikavkaz, Russia, 4th August
Photo: Kazbek Basaev, AFP

Georgian rocket artillery bombardment of South Ossetia, 8th August
Photo: Bano Shlamov, Getty Images

A Russian battalion passes through the Caucasus as President Saakashvili declares martial law, 9th August
Photo: Dimitriy Kostyukov, AFP

Georgian soldiers in Gori, 9th August
Photo: Dimitar Dilkoff, AFP

A doctor tends to the wounded in the cellar of a destroyed hospital in Tskhinvali, 10th August
Photo: Dimitriy Kostyukov, AFP

People hold candles in protest of the war outside the Georgian embassy in Moscow
Photo: Sergey Karpukhin, Reuters

via Trinixy

Mighty Lord, preserve us from jeopardy.
Take Thee now our faith and loud crying in penitence.
Grant victory o'er our treacherous and cruel enemies
And to our land bring peace.

O mighty Lord hear our lowly prayer,
And by Thy shining holy light.
Grant us, O Lord, peace again.
O mighty Lord hear our prayer
and save our people
Forever, forever!

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