Monday, July 28, 2008

East-West Reunion?

But their respective claims are mutually exclusive, as the former insists on papal supremacy and the latter on the received faith of the ecumenical councils. Thus, despite whatever superficial similarities Rome and Byzantium may have, they are different ways of understanding what it means to be catholic.

- Dan Dunlap

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Blogger Francis said...

That is certainly an interesting quote, but would you like to share any of your own thoughts on the matter?

Mon Jul 28, 07:30:00 pm 2008  
Blogger Constantine said...

I would disagree with the good Mr Dunlap on them being superficial. Our similarities are deep, as Soloviev said, but he's right: that's the insurmountable problem dividing what is nearly the same Church.

Wed Aug 06, 11:35:00 am 2008  
Blogger The young fogey said...

I agree with Constantine's comment.

Tue Sep 02, 05:34:00 am 2008  

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