Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who Would You Marry?

Two unedited excerpts from two conversations with two girls (one of whom I'm currently seeing, and the other whom friends tried to set me up with) recently:

A) Another reason why i shouldn't marry or have kids. They only serve as irritating accessories that bog down my mobility and freedom of choice.

B) ya kids are the best!!! they are so sincere, they just do what they realy want and tell what they realy think

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pity the person who has the attitude of the first option. They wouldn't have a clue what true freedom actually is.

Fri Jul 11, 04:38:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(A) seems very intellectualized, as though she had broached the subject for the first time, or had received her opinion from Cosmo--perhaps the song would change if she became a mother, or one of her girlfriends became a mother. you never know.

Sun Jan 11, 02:31:00 pm 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoops, should've clarified: by 'intellectualized' I meant only that she probably only considered it superficially rather than actually feeling it--not to imply that she had arrived at the 'ew kids' position by extensive reasoning lol

Sun Jan 11, 02:33:00 pm 2009  

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