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War of the Babies

Many friends look upon my little fixation with the Kosovo issue the same way they see my other obsessions: with utter bewilderment. Unless one is of Slavic extraction or of the Orthodox faith, one would be apprehensive about confronting the tangled knot of ancient history and warring ethnicities that is the Balkans. And of course, this blogger doesn't make it any easier for the average person when he tries to explain. What, with all the esoteric terms I use and the unheard-of events I reference.

Recently, I was asked how the supposedly weaker Albanians "conquered" the ancient heartland of a people who spent centuries holding off the Turkish incursion into Europe. I know the answer, but I won't say it - you know what happens if I do.

Instead, I will allow Gary Brecher - the War Nerd - to do so. If you are an "average" reader of Memoirs or one of many friends unable to understand me, I implore you now to read on. The War Nerd is nowhere as incomprehensible as many make me out to be.

In this piece, aptly named War of the Babies, he details the Albanian "conquest":

To succeed in the post-1918 world, the world Woodrow Wilson dreamed up where "small nations" have rights even if they can't defend them, you need to use slower, less obviously military methods, like birthrate and immigration. The classic example of this kind of slow conquest is Kosovo. The Serbs could always defeat the Albanians on the battlefield, even when outnumbered, but the Albanians had a huge advantage in the most important military production of all -- babies. According to the BBC, the birthrate of Kosovo Albanians 50 years ago was an amazing 8.5 children per woman.

The Serb/Albanian conflict offers damn near perfect lab conditions to prove my case that birth rate trumps military prowess these days, because the Serbs always beat the Albanians in battle, yet they’ve lost their homeland, Kosovo. Here again, we can blame Woodrow Wilson and his talk about "rights". In places where tribes hate each other, a tribe that outbreeds its rival will become the majority, even if it can’t fight. So, after generations of skulking at home making babies, letting the Serbs do the fighting, the Albanians finally became the majority in Kosovo and therefore the official "good guys", being oppressed by the official "bad guys", the Serbs. At least that’s the way the nave American Wilsonian types like Clinton saw it. So when the Serbs fought back against an Albanian rebellion in Kosovo, and dared to beat the Albanians, Clinton decided to bomb the Serbs into letting go of Kosovo, the ancient heartland of a Christian nation that had spent its blood holding off the Turks for hundreds of years.

The Kosovo Albanians proved that military skill doesn’t matter, because they tried and failed to conquer Kosovo the old-fashioned way: armed rebellion by the Kosovo Liberation Army. It was a wipeout: local Serb militias, a bunch of tired middle-aged part-timers and cops, crushed the KLA. What happened next is a beautiful illustration of the way losers win these days: the Albanians took the bodies of KLA men who’d been killed in battle, stripped all weapons and ammo from them, and showed them to gullible Western reporters as victims of a Serb "massacre". It was a massacre, all right, but only because the KLA couldn’t fight worth a damn. Alive and armed, they were a joke; dead and disarmed, they helped win Kosovo by making their side the "victims", which led directly to U.S. military intervention.

To win the way the Albanians won in Kosovo, you need to make a lot of babies. It’s that simple. And to see how it works, you have to drop the namby-pamby liberal idea that people only have babies out of "love". In lots of places on this planet, baby-making is a form of weapons production.

Peter G. Peterson wrote in his book, Will America Grow Up Before It Grows Old?, "demographics is destiny". No matter what others say to convince you otherwise, one doesn't have to look very far to see that war being fought and lost. With many first world governments seemingly consulting Planned Parenthood on sustaining society, and birth control easily available, many nations face a demographic débâcle unprecedented in world history. Who continues to heed God's first command to our first parents, "Be fruitful and multiply"?

The answer, I'm afraid, is frighteningly obvious.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Constantine. This is why Europe is being so rapidly Islamized. Not because they are a majority NOW, but because Muslims in Europe are procreating and native Europeans are not.

One day the latter will waking up to the sound of the adhan and be paying taxes and wonder how the hell it happened.

Mon Jun 09, 08:30:00 pm 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your post with interest and I'm afraid to say that you are feeding your misinformed ego by posting a third party's equally misinformed statements in a failed and utterly bizarre attempt to be proven right when it comes to your viewpoint about a xenophobic nation that is Serbia. In order to avoid getting into a meaningless text war (since we all know how great and skilled the Serbs are at battles and wars of any kind) I will make two simple points.

1. Ethnic Albanian Women and children were among the individuals killed at the hand of the Serbs when there are no reports by any credible sources whatsoever that women or pre-pubescent boys and girls made up a significant faction of the KLA. I suppose you are going to say next that the KLA killed their own family members and put and staged a massacre. (If that's the case then you are going to loose any fragment of validity that you may have had).

2. With respect to the fear that you will become outnumbered by a competing group that you dehumanize and hate speaks volume of the ignorance and xenophobic feelings running rampant among the "good Christian" people of Serbia. According to several treaties, declarations, and international principles, an individual's or a group's procreation decisions are a human right. So spare yourself the embarrassment of relying on old feigned military glories of the Serbian nation (if you recall the Serbs and Albanians got manhandled by the Ottoman Turks at the battle of Kosovo).

Mon Jun 25, 11:38:00 pm 2012  

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