Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holy and Great Tuesday

In envy the priests and scribes
Cunningly gathered a council against you, Saviour,
Moving Judas to betrayal.
He shamelessly went forth and spoke against you,
Saying to a transgressing people:
What will you give me if I deliver him into your hands?
From his condemnation save our souls, O Lord!

Kathisma, Tone 4

Why are you idle, my wretched soul?
What useless cares cause you to be lost in dreams?
Why busy yourself with things that pass away?
The last hour is at hand, and we shall be parted from all earthly things.
Therefore, while there is yet time, rouse yourself and cry:
I have sinned before You, my Saviour.
Do not cut me off like the barren fig tree.
In Your compassion, O Christ, take pity on me who call out with fear.


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