Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Live!

Greetings, faithful readers!

My sincerest apologies for the dearth of posts for more than a month now. The ugly farce in Priština had kept one embroiled for weeks on various discussion boards, in a vain attempt to fight ignorance of Balkan history (as one can witness in my previous posts as well).

Following that, one found oneself drawn into yet another protracted dispute on another discussion board. This time, it involved the Roman Catholic faith and the "Charismatic Renewal" in the Christian West. As with the former, one was engaged in a vain attempt to fight ignorance of history (details can be provided upon personal request). Contrary to what most people might tell you these days, knowledge of history remains as vital as it ever has been - history grants one perspective and a context for various deeds; without it one cannot make value judgment. But I digress.

The editorial team at Memoirs thought we'd kick-start this new blogging season with a picture:

As it turns out, this is not the removal of yet another monstrous symbol of the atheist philosophy that had dominated half of Europe for over five decades.

This "monument" was made from plastic foam for the upcoming movie Budapest, which was filmed in well, Budapest - capital of Hungary (itself a former communist state). Though, be it a stone Lenin or a foam one, it is a beautiful and apt illustration of the phrase sic transit gloria mundi (thus passes the glory ofthe world)!

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Blogger Mimi said...

You've been missed!

Thu Apr 10, 10:55:00 am 2008  
Blogger EC Awards said...

Indeed! I want more Orthodork posting, too!

And a tenuously related comment, go vote here:

Eastern Christian Blog Awards

Just finishing the initial layout.

Fri Apr 11, 02:37:00 am 2008  

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