Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Noose Tightens

Kosovo's parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed a declaration of independence from Serbia in an historic session.

The declaration, read by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, said Kosovo would be a democratic country that respected the rights of all ethnic communities.

The US and a number of EU countries are expected to recognise Kosovo on Monday.

- BBC News, Sunday, 17 February 2008, 14:50 GMT

Now a great cloud hangs over all the land; and it is deepening.

Kosovo and Metohija is the historical heartland of Orthodox Serbia. The mediæval Serbian state was centered around Kosovo, and today remains the heart of Serbian Orthodoxy; home to more than 1,300 churches and monasteries.

Yes, that is the full name of that province: Kosovo AND Metohija. The latter was used to denote a territory of the Church in the Middle Ages; Albanians and the Western media tend to simply use "Kosovo", ignoring the word that would imply that Kosovo belongs to the Orthodox Church.

During the last decade, the Christian Serbian population have been driven from their homeland by Albanian terrorism, openly supported by bombers of the defunct Cold War relic, NATO. Today, the criminal overlords of Kosovo declare independence. Today, yet another piece of Christendom is lost to Islam.

For the last five years, Albanian terrorists, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (UÇK), who have strong ties to al-Qaeda and are now the de facto rulers of Kosovo, have systemically been destroying ancient churches, libraries and monasteries, with the open consent of the occupying NATO forces.

When Saddam Hussein annexed Kuwait, the Western powers insisted that sovereignty, borders determined by international law and the United Nations and must be protected. Now, those same guardians of international law seem to have forgotten their own arguments and are doing everything to ensure that Kosovo becomes independent from Serbia.

The Americans and British are hypocritically supporting this farcical independence because they still believe in "containing" Russia, and this move would supposedly balance Russian influence in the region. Serbia, demonised by the media since the Yugoslav wars of the 90s, is powerless to do anything.

We're going to have yet another Muslim terrorist state.

Say a prayer for Kosovo.

One takes comfort in the words of Elder Barnabas of Gethsemane Skete from more than a century ago:

"Persecutions against the faith will constantly increase. There will be unheard-of grief and darkness, and almost all the churches will be closed; but when it will seem to people that it is impossible to endure any longer, then deliverance will come. There will be a flowering. Churches will even begin to be built. But this will be a flowering before the end."

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Blogger Francis said...

Most Americans, with whom I have spoken anyway, support the independence of the Albanian Mohametans, which drives me wild.

In any case, you can count on my support.

¡Viva Serbia!

Mon Feb 18, 05:13:00 am 2008  
Blogger Steve Hayes said...

The "War on Terror" is in tatters, because surrender monkey George Bush has surrendered to the UCK terrorists.

Tue Feb 19, 01:54:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let God protect the Eastern Orthodox Serbians from those Jihadist Muslims! The West is so Anti-Orthodox! Most do not even know our Church exists, and think Christianity is just Catholic and Protestant. The Americans, also, are led by a President who supports gay marriage and abortion, and hates Russia and other Orthodox Christian nations. They support nations like Kosovo, and, though it's not can, NATO is Western, and gave aid to Turkey in 1955, or was is it 1956?, after Turkey killed thousands of Greeks in a genocidal and anti-christian zeal, on 5th of September, 1955, in the Phanar district in Constantinople, and not Istanbul (sounds so ugly, huh?) like those stupid Turks call it. They even call one city in Turkey Batman, a superhero. Check Google maps on that one, if you like. I am so angry that Hagia Sophia, our patriarchal church, where the emperors of the Eastern Romans were crowned, and holy relics were held, like parts of John the Baptist's skull, is no longer a church anymore, but a museum, that looks like an ugly mosque. Who knows, the same might happen in Kosovo. Everyone who is Western hates Serbia, but not the Albanians. They also side up to Croatia and other Popish, falsely called Catholic states in Central Europe, who pretend to be Slavs, when they are not. Slavs are Eastern Orthodox Christians, period! My patron saint, Symeon the New Theologian's first monastery he lived in, called Stoudios, is now earmarked by the Turks as a mosque and tourist shops, even though it is almost all in ruins from the 4th Crusade.

I come from a family who does not support my faith, since they are Atheistic Protestants from New Zealand (my mother being an Agnostic, and some of my extended family being devout Protestants here and there, but not even Roman Catholic, let alone Oriental Orthodox, or especially Eastern Orthodox) , my brother mocking me for my faith, along with his anti-Christ girlfriend. I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where all other religions but Islam are forbidden, and the school I work at blocked a site about Christianity that I was reading, when I was reading the works of the Church Father Cyprian. The site is New Advent. It's Catholic, but some of the material is useful, though. I am surrounded by Muslims who hate my faith, and I can't wear crosses outside, go to Church, preach about my faith, convert Muslims, and anything else on that very long list. We can't even have religious groups here. And the only underground religious gatherings here are Roman Catholic and Protestant ones at the embassies of different countries, and no Eastern Orthodox Liturgies are held here, even Oriental Orthodox ones. I am goin. To live in Bahrain, which is much better in comparison, but is still far from perfect. I hope to live in a place that is Orthodox one day, maybe Romania or Russia, or wherever suits me best. Email me on my email: I know I have a very Roman Catholic name, but I will change that when I get the chance. Love from your brother in Christ. Pray I will grow in faith, and one day become a monk in monastery. Amen.

Fri Oct 17, 07:54:00 am 2014  

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