Friday, December 28, 2007

Estella's Christmas Cookies

This is a dream made flesh...

I give you: Estella's Magi Cookies (starring dinosaurs and Mr Men)!

The scene as depicted: the star of Bethlehem perched high in the sky; the Magi approaching from the south with their dinosaur (and elephant?) mounts, and the Holy Family awaiting that blessed hour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

O Mortal Man,

You forgot to mention that the reason Our Lady is still with child is that these cookies were baked during Advent.

-The Baker

Sat Dec 29, 01:02:00 am 2007  
Blogger Karen said...

Oooh.... I want to bite the head off the dinosaurs!

Happy New Year. :-)

Tue Jan 01, 12:12:00 pm 2008  

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