Saturday, February 02, 2008

RIP Archbishop Christodoulos

Archbishop Christodoulos (1939 - 2008)
He was the rock star of priests. Greek Orthodox leader Archbishop Christodoulos surfed the Web, cracked jokes and made a point of welcoming people who had AIDS. He mended an age-old rift with the Vatican by receiving Pope John Paul II in 2001 - the first visit to Greece by a pope in 1,300 years. He urged young people to come "as you are, earrings and all," and dramatically upped church attendance. Despite criticism for his sometimes shrill nationalism and willingness to meddle in politics - as when he called the Turks "Eastern barbarians" or attacked NATO's bombers of Serbia as "pawns of Satan" - he remained one of his nation's most popular figures. He was 69 and had cancer.

TIME February 11, 2008

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Anonymous CharlieD said...

FUCK YOU! You`re saying that you fucking serbians have suffered worse. When the hell did you so? You`ve been spreading you f*cked up minds all over Balkan. do 20.000 victims sound like a small nuber to you? Do 8000 massacred men and boys sound like just another game of yours? Cause that`s exactly what it is. Proud to be American! I wished that NATO had bombed you fucked up serbians 24/7 until you also had lost 28.000 people. FUCK YOU!

Sat Nov 03, 03:14:00 am 2012  

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