Thursday, April 10, 2008

Return to Christian Roots?

I don't think this is what the Second Vatican Council meant when it decreed that "elements which have suffered injury through accidents of history are now to be restored to the earlier norm of the Holy Fathers".

Holy Thursday Mass, St Aidan's Cathedral
Enniscorthy, Ireland

This almost looks pagan.

[via Catholic Church Conservation]

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Blogger Francis said...

Those aren't Catholics.

Thu Apr 10, 06:30:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ireland's CC has been very liberal since the 70s. but at the moment it's the followup to the era of media revelations about nasty child abuses here and in america, received with an immense public outcry. so, we are not exactly talking about a catholic nation anymore here.

clergy are lost: they have not much direction any more. traditional catholicism would not be welcome in this country either. people totally identify it with the clerical ireland of the 50s which is the kind of model most irish don't want back here.

not an easy situation indeed.

Thu Apr 10, 06:53:00 am 2008  
Blogger Karen said...

What do you mean, ALMOST pagan? :-P

If there's a good reason for the Orthodox NOT to reunite with Rome, this pic would be it.

Thu Apr 10, 08:35:00 pm 2008  
Blogger EC Awards said...

Oh, bah. 1 billion Catholics and one picture does not a substantive reason for not reuniting make.

Fri Apr 11, 02:33:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry...I love this picture since the females are dressed modestly and since here in the States our Catholic high school girls hike up their Catholic school uniforms and make them mni skirts for about 5 decades now with no bishops or Popes during that time with the courage to switch them to slacks.
As a result in the big cities on the morning buses, our girls are the floor show on the buses for men going to work. So I love your photo. The girls look pretty and modest at the same time and I wish that were the case as to Catholic schools and it is not.

Sat Apr 12, 09:22:00 pm 2008  
Anonymous karyn said...

they may be pretty and modest but these are liturgical abuses that we are talking about! The Mass has been ruined by all these modern is not something to be manipulated with or changed according to our whims.

Tue Apr 15, 11:00:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate my life

Mon Jan 12, 05:29:00 pm 2009  

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