Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Alleged Homophobia

We interrupt our usual programming to bring you this special response from our blogger, Constantine, to allegations of homophobia. Over the past weeks, he has kept largely silent over accusations of discriminating certain people due to their sexual orientation. Today, however, he is breaking his silence to respond to these claims.

"I would first avoid using the term 'homophobia'. The term is deceptive and is used by liberals and homosexual proponents to confuse the issue and control the debate, namely by identifying all opposition to homosexuality as irrational bigotry. Not every opposition to homosexuality is based on irrationality and/or bias.

Homophobia is defined as prejudice against homosexual people. If I truly were guilty of behaving in such manner, then I would be deprived of good company - for I count many homosexuals as friends. I treat them as I would any heterosexual friend.

A person goes beyond his/her sexual orientation. Being homosexual is hardly an indication of character. I have seen and experienced firsthand that homosexuals do not necessarily conform to their television counterparts. Not all of them are flamboyant, effeminate men - although some are - many have shown themselves to be intelligent, polite and cultured men. Several are among the most devout Christians I know.

I am fully aware of Church teaching against homosexuality, and though I have not attacked (physically and/or verbally) anyone for being homosexual, I do not approve of such practice. Homosexuality is a grave sin, going against the will of nature. However, if I continue to befriend liars, thieves, heretics and various assorted sinners, I see no reason as to why this sinner should treat homosexuals any differently. Remember that Christ spent His time on Earth among prostitutes and tax collectors.

Do not take my docility for a sign of weakness. I will never compromise my beliefs. Being tolerant never meant I accepted this abomination. Does this make me a bigot? To those who have accused me, it does.

What does open-mindedness truly mean? I, for one, never quite saw it as being accepting of every ideology and practice - tolerant, yes, but not necessarily accepting. Only spineless, witless people who have long forgotten what it meant to have integrity are capable of seeing it that way.

I am not aware of having showed bias toward any homosexual, but if I am guilty of such, I assure you that it is due to any one or more of these factors:
* impropriety
* imprudence
* impiety
* irreverence
* indecency
* insolence

You know where I stand. Thank you for taking your time to read this."


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