Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anti-pope Rally

Turkey: Protesters hold massive anti-pope rally
Demonstrators gathered in Istanbul on Sunday in the largest anti-pope protest so far. Police expected thousands to attend. The protest was organized by a pro-Islamic political party whose leaders have said they were offended by Benedict's comments linking violence and Islam.
- ASSOCIATED PRESS, 26 November 2006 14:38

Well that is the last straw. First they have been holding protests against the visit of Pope Benedict, now they are holding rallies for anti-popes. I wonder which anti-pope they were rallying for. Perhaps Pope Michael I who lives in Kansas.

I also just realized another reason why Jesus did not choose women to be ordained. Since sooner or later we would have ended up with an Auntie-Pope.

[via The Curt Jester]


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