Monday, November 27, 2006

Irony is getting boring...

ANKARA. The Turkish special services arrested a group of extremists who had prepared an attack against the head of the Papal Council for Encouraging of Christian Unity Cardinal Walter Kasper, RIA Novosti reports citing Sabah. The attack should take place during the future visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Turkey. The material based upon special services’ claims doesn’t point out details about the identity and nationality of the arrested.
- FOCUS News Agency, 25 November 2006 | 16:31

The Moslems accuse the Pope of condemning Islam as a violent and irrational religion. The Pope apologised, but that wasn't good enough for them. They don't seem too keen on "dialogue" - all they want to do is destroy people and buildings. How *do* you talk to a group of people that every time you challenge them, they throw tantrums, destroy property and kill defenseless people?

I reckon the only reason the Turkish authorities prevented the attack was because they knew that, should anybody be hurt and/or killed, they'd never be admitted into the European Union, the 'Christian Club' (as they put it).


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