Friday, March 03, 2006

Cathcon Photo Caption Competition

Two weeks ago, Gillibrand of Catholic Church Conservation (Cathcon, in short) launched his first caption competition for this rather amusing picture:

The responses received were hilarious:
“When do we get to sacrifice these two white men?”

“Wish I hadn’t left my biretta in the jeep”

“We need more feathers and paint! Quick!”

“If I had known that growing long green armpit hair was a penalty for breaking the first commandment, I wouldn’t have done it”

“At first I did not approve of wife wearing revealing breast-ware, but now I have peace. White priest-men interested only in each other”

“Are you sure these guys agreed to this?”

“How come I always get the ugly one?”

“I think it was a mistake to invite the Anglican bishops. While I like their feathered mitres, I can’t help but think their vestments are little revealing. Let’s look stoic and pretend we don’t notice”

“Me wantum stole!”

“Aw, this is nothing… in Assisi, we ALL got feathers and yellow noses”

And my favourite:
“Although not quite sure what traditionalists were expecting from the much awaited reform of the reform, most were quite pleased with the emphasis of the sacrificial nature of the Mass”


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