Friday, November 18, 2005

Possible Church Split

Found this on my parents’ desk. It seems that my former church has some issues concerning the Bible.


1. We are going through a very tough time. Our church is facing a problem concerning the VPP (Verbal Plenary Preservation) teaching. The VPP proponents did not keep quiet even after we have declared our stand on 2 October 2005. They continue to promote the VPP and try to lead as many members as possible to leave the church.

The Board of Elders is concerned for the welfare of the church and wants to explain to our members why we take the non-VPP stand.

Lengthy discussion of VPP origin, Biblical basis for VPP teaching, danger of VPP teaching and church’s stand on Bible followed. It seems almost ridiculous that Christianity may suffer yet another schism due to a matter as trivial as this - new denominations are born so quickly.

Protestantism of its nature divides, it does not reconcile.

More on this as I find out tomorrow!


Blogger akikonomu said...

From the Life B-P church: "This schismatic theory continues to spread and take its toll by splitting Fundamentalist churches around the world."

Wait. I always thought fundamentalists split their own churches spontaneously, without requiring any theory. I shudder to think these are the heirs to Protestantism.

Wed Nov 23, 04:29:00 am 2005  

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