Monday, October 03, 2005

Evangelism - Topic Resumes!

No use putting it off – as of today, Memoirs of a Catechumen resumes the topic of evangelism. Yesterday, during a visit to a shopping mall with Camillus and Patrick, we were stopped by a rather large middle-aged lady who held flyers in her hand. She was not there to advertise for a new brand of hair shampoo, but to warn us of our impending fate. Apparently, she was attempting to convince us (albeit aggressively) to renounce evil and proclaim Christ as our personal saviour. If not for the lack of time, I’m sure Camillus would’ve debated with her there and then. It got me thinking – why are Protestants (especially those of the evangelical “born-again” variety) so adamant on forcing their faith on others?

Chapter Two in Barbara Pappas’ book Are You Saved deals with the “instant salvation” theory that most of the aforementioned hold on to firmly. Personally, I believe that it is this very theory that causes them to act as such. This theory is not new, having been introduced by the author of the Reformation himself, Martin Luther, and having been promoted by various televangelists and renowned pastors in the recent past. I wish to post it online, but due to its length (over three pages long) I will post it in parts coupled with my comments on the particular topic dealt with.

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