Thursday, September 29, 2005

Uniquely North Korean

North Korean students conduct a mass performance during the Arirang Festival in Pyongyang.
Photo: Lee Ock-hyun Yonhap/AP

The culture and art festival is part of two month festivities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Workers' Party. Katolik Shinja has another photograph of the event.

Ah, the mass performances found in a communist country - bleak, hollow and yet strangely unique - have no equal in this world.


Blogger mIsTy_bIsTy said...


What a wonderful sight...~

That's a pretty good photo...=)

Thu Sep 29, 10:26:00 am 2005  
Blogger pAtRiCk said...

Interesting point about the description of the communist country- I say I have the same thoughts too! =)

Sat Oct 01, 07:01:00 am 2005  

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