Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why I Am Not Charismatic Protestant

This video, from City Harvest Church's Easter 2007 celebration, shows one of many reasons why I have not joined the megachurch despite numerous requests by friends and classmates:

"Bad taste"

Give me the Trisagion Hymn any day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, now that I've finished rolling on the floor laughing, I'll comment:

This makes William Hung, the American Idol reject, look extremely talented by comparision.

I'm with you: Ice-cream Christianity at its absolute worst.

Thu May 10, 09:37:00 pm 2007  
Anonymous Robert Mahoney said...

Yeah, that was pretty bad, but their hearts were in the right place.

We can't look down our nose at these folks, as misguided as they may be, they at least have the courage of their convictions and are going out into the highways to find people and invite people to the wedding feast.

What are we doing?

Thu May 10, 11:09:00 pm 2007  
Blogger LL said...

That is truly one of the most awful productions I have seen in a long time...

Kyrie eleison!

Fri May 11, 12:17:00 am 2007  
Blogger Francis said...

To Mr. Robert Mahoney,

It is quite understandable that you would like to use charity in this situation. Although we must use charity, that charity does not force us to overlook error. Additionally, no charity prevents us from condemning grave error. Such acts, as displayed in this video, are a mockery of the Christian religion, and it is our duty to clarify the truth in these situations.

I do not know what your way of spreading the Gospel is, Sir, but many of us follow the ancient customs that have always brought forth good fruits: bringing people to Mass/the Divine Liturgy, making sacrifices for poor sinners, etc. These are the methods by which sinners are brought into the Church, not be singing and dancing, which are offensive acts to any orthodox Christian and in the sight of Almighty God.

Pax tecum,

Pinoy Monk

Fri May 11, 12:54:00 am 2007  
Anonymous Robert Mahoney said...

Pinoy Monk,

I agree with you, we do not reduce our faith to quick slogans. We are not selling something,

I agree that charity does not mean we turn a blind eye to error, but I also believe that ours isn't to curse the darkness, rather, it is to light a candle.

I belong to an Orthodox Church that is very "Evangelical" it its outreach. 85% of my Church are converts, and what I have found that attracted them to our Church was the fact that they didn't feel that they had to become Greek, Russian or (Fill in the blank).

I agree that the Liturgy is a way to bring people in, and it is really helpful when it is in the language of the people you are trying to reach.

I guess my gripe with Orthodoxy (I am a convert from Calvinism) is that I think to much ethnic identity is confused with the gospel. St. Paul came against the Judiazers who taught that gentiles had to become Jews in order to be saved, but it has been my experience that many Orthodox take their ethnic identity and almost teach that one has to become Greek, Russian etc to be saved.

I am an American, why do I have to learn Greek if I want to understand the worship? Didn't St. Paul say he would rather speak 5 words in a known language so his hearers could benefit rather than 10,000 in a language that was unknown to them?

I guess all I am saying is that if one wants to be critical, Protestantism will supply mountains of evidence to work with, but my Orthodox faith has taught me to be humble and to check my own heart first before I even attempt to pass judgement on another.

Fri May 11, 12:34:00 pm 2007  
Blogger war in the pocket said...

What great entertainment.

Sun May 13, 11:56:00 pm 2007  
Blogger chris said...

great entertainment indeed. have they no shame or what...

Fri May 18, 12:51:00 am 2007  

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