Thursday, March 29, 2007

UN Plans for Kosovo Independence

The United Nations envoy for Kosovo says independence is the "only viable option" for the territory, in a report to the Security Council.

The envoy, Finnish diplomat Martti Ahtisaari, says Kosovo should have internationally-supervised independence for an initial period.

Serbia has rejected a previous outline of the proposals, which have been broadly accepted by Kosovo Albanians.

- BBC News, Tuesday, 27 March 2007, 01:01 GMT

Now, I've written a great deal on Kosovo independence to the point where readers have grown weary of the subject. It is not my desire to pontificate, nor do I wish to carp on this topic any further. I write because Kosovo draws nearer and nearer to independence every day.

I've stated this before: there is no such thing as an independent Kosovo. It cannot be independent simply because there is no such ethnic group as the 'Kosovars'. An independent Kosovo will become Albanian sooner or later.

Kosovo belongs to Serbia both historically and culturally - the UN has no right to take it away on any grounds. The Finn they have appointed as envoy has to be completely deaf and blind to the plight of Serbs in Kosovo. They say Kosovo must be "freed" of Serbia because Serbs are now a minority - but what made them the minority in the first place? It is none other than Albanian terrorists.

An Albanian Kosovo will see to the destruction of Serbian culture and history. Christianity will be forced to depart this land forever.

Let us pray that this day does not come. Keep Kosovo Serbian!

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