Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The True Liberal

"But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice and madness, without tuition or restraint."
Edmund Burke

When one thinks of the term "liberal" these days, one thinks of people who champion democracy and freedom of individual choice. These are truly noble ideals worth fighting for and dying for, but time has shown us repeatedly that the notions of freedom and liberty have been corrupted by the very people who advocate them.

The freedom of speech has been debased into the freedom to insult. Democracy has evolved into mob rule. The freedom to choose has been sullied by the deaths of millions of aborted babies worldwide. Political correctness reigns supreme.

The liberal today is someone with no morals or conscience. Believing moral standards (and just about every notion) to be relative, he lives by his own rules alone. Nobody tells him what to do. A vicious advocate of "multiculturalism", he sees Aztec blood sacrifice as an ethnic custom, pandering to Islam at the same time while slighting Christianity at every chance he gets. Make no mistake about it, he is educated and widely-read. However, he is highly subjective about what he absorbs - he will never know anything beyond what he sees with his own two eyes. He lives a loose, immoral life, believing himself to be devoted to the perfection of experience. He does all that and more while condemning others for being superstitious or Puritan. Today's liberals are perhaps more stubborn and pigheaded than the conservatives. In short, the liberal today is one whose whole personality is dominated by ego.

Whatever has happened to the true liberal? The very word liberal should not (and cannot) be associated with abortion, anti-Christianity and homosexual marriage. The word "liberal" suggests one who is broad-minded and tolerant of the different views and standards of behaviour in others. The liberal can never preach or forcibly attempt to further his views, for the honest liberal, if he must remain true to his libertine beliefs, must never try to argue and promote his cause or agenda, because if he does, he assaults his own system of belief and knowledge since everyone's beliefs should be equally correct and valid.

Should he wish to win an opponent over to his way of thinking, he does so with gentle, logical reasoning. He does not air his views in public and force all present to accept them (e.g. gay pride marches). If he truly believes his stand to be superior to all others, he will not have to lift a finger. Society will learn to understand and accept it. These are the true liberals. They are those who truly practice fairness and equality. They are those who have learnt to see beyond.


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