Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27: Phanourios the Great Martyr

Little is known of the holy martyr Phanourios, except that which is depicted concerning his martyrdom on his holy icon, which was discovered in the year 1500 among the ruins of an ancient church on Rhodes, when the Moslems ruled there. Thus he is called "the Newly Revealed".

The faithful pray to St Phanourios especially to help them recover things that have been lost, and because he has answered their prayers so often, the custom has arisen of baking a Phaneropita ("Phanourios-Cake") as an offering of gratitude.

Readers interested in making their own Phaneropita may find two recipes here.

From a vile captivity, thou didst deliver the Lord's priests,
and, O godly-minded one, didst break their bonds by divine might;
thou didst bravely shame the tyrants' audacious madness,
giving joy unto the Angels, O thou Great Martyr.

O Phanourios most glorious, we all revere thee as a true warrior of God.


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