Monday, August 07, 2006

Nancy Ajram Cries For Lebanon

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has recorded a new patriotic song, "Lebnan Ya Habib El Umor" (Lebanon My Only Love), to express her grief over the horror her dear country is experiencing with endless Israeli raids that are killing so many innocent civilians, and destroying the core of Lebanon, according to the singer.

The song is being aired on several Lebanese radio stations at least once every half hour.

Nancy had the chance to flee Lebanon the night the air raids began, but chose to stay with her family and her people, canceling all scheduled events around the Arab world.

- Al Middle East Information

Readers who wish to hear the song may do so here. Do note that since it was recorded from a radio, the quality isn't very good. Plus, you can hear the DJ's voice every now and then.

As with the blatantly copied header banner, this song is from


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Thanks for the heads up on the image - it really was correct at one time, but YIKES not correct now.

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