Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dinner at Norman's

After two weeks of delay, the dinner at Norman's place finally happened! Except for one tiny detail - it wasn't dinner. It was a late lunch - since there was plans for the evening. It went perfectly well (except having to pick out bits of rotten sausage from the stew, maybe). As all good parties go, we were all drunk by the end of it.

The cooking began with frying onions for the duck pasta.

We struggled with the jar of hoisin sauce - passing through all 4 pairs of hands before it was overpowered by a combination of wit and brute strength.

The hoisin sauce joins the onions and garlic in the wok.

Spaghetti's ready; bowls of Romanian tomato salad courtesy of yours truly.

The duck sauce goes on the pasta.

Sparkling water to go with the duck pasta.

Bigos (Polish hunter's stew) formed the main course of the lunch/dinner.

Vodka was served to go with the stew, but it proved too strong for some of us.

I'd have taken more pictures after this, but apparently, the vodka (and subsequent drinks) carried my mind off into the realm of fantasy - and I forgot where I had left my camera.


Blogger Francis said...

Too much drinking, eh? Tsk, tsk. =P

Tue Jul 11, 01:51:00 am 2006  

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