Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My view on sexuality has long been a subject of much speculation among my classmates as well as my more secular friends. Never being able to formally define my stand has led many to misapprehend what I, probably the only Orthodox Christian most have ever met, feel about the act of making love. This post should help to clear up much misunderstanding.

Now, many of you would most likely perceive an irreconcilable conflict between religious belief and carnal pleasure. Opinion prevails that one was only able to choose either. I find that logical, if at all, standpoint expressed in a very crass form; for any sensible and reasonable human would see how one-sided such a statement is on that position. However, it is just as well as that thesis is expressed unambiguously and plainly, if one wants to be able to resolve such an issue.

Firstly, allow me to state that I am in no way at all celibate. I have a desire to get married and procreate. Next, the act of sex itself is by no means offensive to God and/or the Church. It is dear to God, as long as it is an expression of true love (now, I speak of the love that lasts a lifetime, not for a few hours). Sex is the method we use to give ourselves to another person, not, I might add, for fun or for a moment, but completely. Sexuality expressed in an irresponsible moment is but another expression of love, no less delightful than a walk together down an empty beach. True love leads us straight to God, who blesses the union between husband and wife.

The art of making love – once an exclusive, sacrosanct activity between husband and wife – has been greatly perverted by the devil. The idea that sex is acceptable outside the boundaries of marriage and to be freely enjoyed among all is not only an insult to the dignity of marriage (which I may add, a sacrament between God and man, not merely between a man and a woman), but also to the dignity of us as human beings. We are so much more than objects to be used for sensuous pleasure. Learn to understand that we are much more than our genitalia. Learn to treasure people as living individuals with feelings.

You may be convinced that I am out of touch with the times. Perhaps I am a little out of fashion, but the fundamental truth about sex outside marriage being morally wrong and disrespectful to the human being is not subject to the whims of fashion.


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