Monday, February 06, 2006

Latin Classes

Email received from Edward:

Hello chaps!

I'm starting a Beginner's Latin class in Singapore, details below:

Thursdays, 7 p.m.
$10-15 per person, depending on the total number,
Location: in the west close to town.

Lessons will be weekly, lasting an hour. I'm not a clock watcher, so we may often go overtime to one and a half hours - depending on how? Saturated everyone is. If there is sufficient demand, I'll start up a second group on Monday or Tuesday evenings - and it'll then be a case of attending whichever one's schedule permits that week.

No prior experience of learning languages is necessary, so don't let your bad Chinese grades in school discourage you. A firm foundation in English grammar will be useful, as will any prior experience with French or Italian

The form of language taught will be a mix of Classical and Late Antique (otherwise known as Vulgar or Church Latin) forms - hence useful both for those who will eventually pass on to reading Classical texts as well as for those who wish to read Church texts. Usages from both will be utilised to keep the mood light and things interesting. This will be primarily a reading course for those who wish to understand written texts, so emphasis will be on translating from Latin into English, though ability to write Latin will also be acquired on the side.

If you're interested, message me for more details!

Naturally, for those who wish to do intense study and progress faster, one-on-one lessons are also available at competitive rates (though I honestly can't imagine with whom I'd be competing).

Ancient & Koine (New Testament) Greek lessons also available - rates upon request.


Anyone interested?


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