Sunday, December 04, 2005

Romanian National Day

The approximately 100+ strong Romanian community in Singapore celebrated its national day on Wednesday, 30th November – the actual day falls on the 1st of December. There was a severe error in logistics this year and the embassy failed to send out invitations – my prospective Romanian godmother, Carmen thinks the embassy was trying to cut costs by doing this. We can only speculate at this point.

It was held at the Shangri-La hotel off Orchard Road, and unlike the previous year, they served wine imported from Romania. The taste was, how shall I say, exquisite. I went there expecting that they’d serve finger foods and all, but no, there was so much good food present (especially the “Romanian flavoured meatballs” *snigger*) that I ate till I could eat no more.

Me @ Romanian National Day

Carmen with her lovely daughter

Edward was there too

Beautiful Romanian girls

Eddie enjoying a smoke after a heavy dinner


Blogger Ian said...

Great to see a photo of you. You look very nice in the suit.

And it looks like a fantastic time was had by all.

Sun Dec 04, 12:36:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Mimi said...

Ooooh, it sounds wonderful!

Thu Dec 08, 02:18:00 am 2005  

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