Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Right to Exist

Anarchist Catholic blogger Steph makes fine points regarding Israel's right to exist and defend itself:

Israel has no legal argument for its actions but likes to cite the right to exist as a quasi-legal defence for atrocity after atrocity. But this is a smoke screen, even though Israel was admitted into the UN on the 11 May, 1949, there is no international law that guarantees Israel a 'right to exist' and there is no legal justification for genocide or ethnic cleansing.

No state has the right to exist, if it was put to a plebiscite as Iran has suggested, a majority of Palestinians and Israelis, would elect to live in a single state of Palestine, as is there right. Israel can only exist by force of arms and denying Palestinians an equal democratic vote. But not only does Israel not have a right to exist the Palestinians have a right to resist occupation.

Israel’s other defence of its atrocities is the right to defend itself, which is no justification for genocide, and actually Israel doesn’t have a right of self-defence in Gaza. Israel is unlawfully occupying Gaza and the West Bank, which is a violation the United Charter and invalidates the right of self-defence under article 51. Israel also refuses to acknowledge Palestinian sovereignty.

So the Israeli argument is completely bogus.

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