Monday, January 12, 2009

Me, a Terrorist Sympathiser?

Before anybody jumps to conclusions and accuse me of supporting terrorists in my last post, let me ask again: is it illogical and impossible for me to be on the side of the innocents who have borne the brunt of Israeli and Hamas atrocity?

Hamas ≠ Palestine

Remember that.

To Christians:
I am appalled that so many of you continue in your ignorance regarding the existence of the Zionist state and thus persist in supporting whatever the Knesset decrees.

Israel NO LONGER exists. It was created by God for His people, and was taken away from them when they rejected Christ. Israel can only be re-created by God, and for the Jews to presume that they have the authority to make Israel a nation by themselves is an act of arrogance so supreme that it boggles the mind.

Orthodox Jews would fully agree with me. Indeed, they loathe Israel more than most Muslims.

Anyone who defends Israel - as a Jewish state - is close to rejecting the exclusivity of the Church, and is drawing close to two-covenant heresy.

In the Old Testament, Israel was the physical nation as well as the spiritual people of God. When they ceased to be the people of God, they lost any claim to the land. The land now belongs to the Arabs (some of which are Christians). The fact that the majority of them are Muslims makes no difference.

The modern Zionist state is nothing but a collectivist agglomeration of people attached and made drunk by an idea of nation hatched in the dark workshops of Potsdam like a counterfeit that keeps passing as legal tender.

Regarding the establishment of [ersatz] Israel being prophesied in Sacred Scripture... where is that?

Indeed, the League of Nations approved the British creation of a Jewish state from the Palestine Mandate and the UN approved the creation of Israel along with an Arab state in Palestine in 1947.

And if that's the case, do you claim the League of Nations and/or the United Nations to be God?

And regarding assertions that the "re-creation" of Israel is an example of prophecy being fulfilled, I can only suggest that you have been reading far too much Darby and LaHaye. You may be right, but the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church has never given any authority to such a viewpoint, and to base politics on unproved eschatology is extremely dangerous.

That said, I haven't the faintest idea whether or not the average individual living in Israel believes in a Zionist ideal. I for one, have never spoken with the average individual Israeli. What I do know is that Hamas has killed, and will likely continue to kill innocent people by deceitful, cowardly, and insidious means.

So while I do not know the individual opinions of the modern-day Israelis, I am certain that they and their families do not want to die to and I am even more certain that they have a right to live. They have a right to defend themselves, but one cannot in good conscience say that the death and destruction wrought on the Zionist state was completely unwarranted.

British historian Arnold Toynbee wrote, "The treatment of the Palestinian Arabs in 1947 (and 1948) was as morally indefensible as the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis. Though nor comparable in quantity to the crimes of the Nazis, it was comparable in quality."

If you fail to grasp this point, then there is no point to continue reading. Dismiss me as a drink-sodden anti-Semite if you so wish, but I will not gloss over the ethnic-cleansing of non-Jews merely to 'win' an artificially-created war against Islam.

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Anonymous another "drink-sodden anti-semite", I guess... ;) said...

I like your take, and your explanation of 'what exactly a Qassam rocket is' was decidedly hilarious. Being an American Catholic surrounded by Protestants--many of whom are so zealous in their support for Israel that they ask my Jewish friends patronizing questions about learning Hebrew, etc--it is sometimes difficult to maintain one's balance in regard to Israel. Of course my sympathy goes with Israel--but...

One has to remember the lesson of the Jews themselves: deprived of what they considered their 'native land' (which is--from a materialist perspective, as in a legal context--so arbitrarily chosen that their 'promised land' could just as easily be Kiev or Paris!) they fought for literally *thousands of years* to reclaim their native land--no treaty, no agreement with their 'host' government, nothing could keep them from efforts in realizing this goal. This being said, are we really to expect anything different from the Palestinians? Are the so-called 'Jewish Zealot movements' which so often rose against foreign occupation in ancient times, which are even glorified on some Jewish feast days as integral parts of the Jewish identity, really so different from Hamas? In my opinion, if the Jewish state wants peace within its borders once again, it should revisit some of the most important lessons from its own history.

Now, the Israeli can just as easily say: "Well what right do these foreigners have to pass judgment over our affairs? Their women and children are not being blown up by the Palestinian bottle rockets!" Not so fast. The international community will be expected to finance Israel, as well as financing the reconstruction effort--it will expect the world to clean up its mess, during one the first financial crisis of the 21st century.

I think the Christian response to this radicalism (in the same vein as 'Do not immanentize the Eschaton') should be guided by the lesson of Judas: traditionally regarded as a sicarii or zealot engaged in overthrowing the Roman yoke. His method of invoking the Kingdom of Heaven (also, Israel) lead to the Potter's Field whilst Jesus Christ's lead to the Gates of Heaven. Food for thought, maybe?

Sat Jan 24, 12:18:00 am 2009  

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