Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Georgian Christian Mothers

...of whom Ketevan Geladze (Joseph Stalin's mother) was a perfect example.

N. Kipshidze, a doctor who treated her in her old age, recalled a visit by the Soviet leader to his mother in 1935, when she was very ill:

He asked,
"Why did you beat me so hard?"
"That's why you turned out so well."

After a pause, she asked him,
"Joseph - who exactly are you now?"
"Remember the tsar? Well, I'm like a tsar."
"You'd have done better to have become a priest!"

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Blogger Mimi said...

As a mother, my heart breaks, and I agree, he'd have done better if he'd completed his seminary work. As would we have all.

Wed Dec 03, 02:43:00 am 2008  

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