Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blog Posts Worth a Read

Three interesting must-read blog posts this week:

True theologians don't want to say anything new, they don't want to come up with novel ideas. They want to be as unoriginal as possible, to echo the Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. "I will say nothing new!" swore St John of Damascus.

- Karen talks about an important characteristic of Eastern Christianity: listening to the voice of the Church Fathers

The entire Protestant theological system rests on one single doctrine: Sola Scriptura. The other core Protestant doctrine, Sola Fide, is somewhat derived from Sola Scriptura, so demonstrating how Sola Scriptura is self-contradictory discredits Sola Fide as a Biblical doctrine.

Sola Scriptura, which is Latin literally meaning "Scripture Alone", hinges mainly on denying two things: history, and logic.

- Traditionalist Catholic Kenny writes once again on the inherent flaw in Protestantism

I think the banks have really outdone themselves in the quest to generate more profits. I cannot emphasize enough the need for the average "customer" at a bank to be extra careful and be informed enough to decide whether to buy these things. I have paid enough "tuition fees". A couple of years ago, they were promoting "savings plans". Insurance plans with a savings component - but in my view that is utter rubbish.

- Norman explains why banks are evil



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Regarding Catholic Kenny's piece on Protestantism:

Keith Mathison in his book THE SHAPE OF SOLA SCRIPTURA discusses the Reformed understanding of Sola Scriptura (as opposed to the modern deformed understanding, which he derides as "Solo Scriptura"), and critiques Orthodox and Catholic views in the process. ISBN 1885767749

It wasn't enough to make me end my catechumenate in the Orthodox Church, but Mathison has some interesting things to say, and he quotes at length from the Fathers.

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