Monday, January 22, 2007

Misinterpreting Results of the Sexual Revolution

As soon as humans found out that women also need to experience satisfaction in sex, the history of human civilization took a serious turn.


A lot of women usually try to praise sex skills of their new lover saying typical phrases like "you are the best lover I have ever had". The whole world of sex now belongs to woman. Men have changed their roles with women. Women can finally enjoy the absolute freedom in sex after hundreds of years of sexual hunger. Unfortunately, women do not know how to use the so-called girl power which they won in the battle of sexes.

Many females believe nowadays that their sexual satisfaction has become the prime goal of living. They forgot about their obligations, many became greedy, senseless and selfish individuals. Most importantly, a lot of women forgot the key rule of any type of relationship: one should learn to give to have a right to take. A real woman knows that sex is an action taken by two human beings (group sex doesn't count) in which a woman can please, excite and satisfy her man and enjoy this role. Men are made to play the same role, albeit vice versa.

- Pravda.Ru, "Women Misinterpret Results of Sexual Revolution to Their Own Detriment", 19.01.2007


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