Monday, January 15, 2007


A church in a Kosovo village of Gornja Brnjica near Pristina was robbed and looted by unidentified men who broke into the church on the eve of Christian Orthodox Christmas and stole church money, icons and then damaged the church.


This is the second time the church has been broken into in the past two months. Last time the looters stole a part of the church bell.

"Since the end of the war this is the fourth time the church was been desecrated," said Djordjevic.

The church of the St Peter and Paul is built on an ancient foundation near the tombstones of legendary Serbian defenders of Christendom, brothers Jugovic, who were murdered by the Muslim army set to invade Europe in the 14th century through Kosovo.

Serbs in Gornja Brnjica, who are Christian, are surrounded by hostile Muslim Albanians that are openly harassing and threatening Kosovo Christians with violence and organized pogroms.


Since 1999, over 200,000 Christians have been expelled by the dominant Albanian Muslims who seek to create an ethnically and religiously pure state out of the Kosovo province currently administered by the UN.

-, Monday, January 15, 2007

In their rabid push to force a takeover of Kosovo, Moslem Albanians have once again resorted to violence and intimidation. Yet, the native Serbs have again weathered one more display of Mohammedan megalomania. I wonder for how much longer.

It is difficult to imagine that in a continent as civilised as Europe, such acts of barbarism are common, happening almost daily, and with even less media coverage than the plight of Darfur refugees. For in the eyes of the liberal media and most of the world, the Serbs are villains, and their suffering is justified.

It is difficult to imagine that the UN, currently administering the province, would stand by and watch as one Moslem atrocity after another happen. They have done nothing. The plundering, looting and vandalism go unpunished. Even if they care nothing of Orthodox Christianity and her people, the numerous monasteries and churches that have been targeted by Mohammedan rabbles are outstanding works of art and architecture, masterpieces of human creative genius. Yet, despite meeting the criterion for a World Heritage Site many times over, UNESCO has yet to deem any one of them as such. The UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) has done nothing whatsoever to prevent these priceless buildings from being lost forever.

It is difficult to imagine that, for all his rhetoric on terror, President Bush forgot about Kosovo - a land which, under his predecessor, has suffered greatly. The Americans, in all their misguided zeal, have instead chosen to tackle Islamic terrorism in all the wrong places of the world.

There has been much talk on Kosovo seceding from Serbia - and I cannot help but wonder if the UN has made some secret pact with Moslem insurgents to turn Kosovo into a modern-day Turkey: an ethnically and religious pure "secular" state dominated by Moslems.

Lord have mercy.

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