Friday, September 15, 2006


I have a such a headache tormenting me right now. I think it started when I attempted to concentrate on three completely different matters earlier today.

I was having my weekly Latin lesson as usual at Coffee Bean in Holland Village. During the break, I met Maria while buying a cup of coffee, whom I've not seen in ages, and she liked my haircut. Preoccupied with that thought (remember, Maria is a valued friend and elder sister to me), I returned to Latin class, sipping on iced cappuccino which I ordered by mistake. I'm not particularly fond of cappuccino - iced or not.

Seated to my right were two girls who were discussing (albeit a little loudly) their love lives. At the same time, the class continued translating 'The Bacchises', a play by Plautus. Interested in both topics, I began listening to both - Latin on my left and the love lives of two strangers to my right. You can just imagine:

"Obscero, cur tu vis me talis litteras ad patrem mittere?"
"You know, I think God wants me to break up with him..."
"Obscero... I beseech, mittere, that's the imperative of send, right?"
"The signs I've been seeing..."
"Litteras in the singular literally means 'letter', as in part of the alphabet. In the plural, it refers to letter, as in the one you mail"
"Hey, do you get suspicious if he goes out with female friends?"
"Quid vsus erit..."
"Really? I didn't know that!"
"What does vsus erit mean?" "'Benefit will it be'."
"Say, did you hear about..." "No, I haven't!"
"Officium means 'of my office'." "Nice try, Norman. Try again. What does it mean?"

It didn't help that Edward was speaking Latin with the weird English accent.

At the same time, I was drinking cappuccino and feeling extremely ecstatic that I've seen Maria in the flesh after so long. She has the uncanny ability to brighten up my day like no one else in Singapore can.

My brain has suffered a dangerous overload of information. I think I'll stop here and rest.

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Blogger Mimi said...

I hope your head feels better.

Sat Sep 16, 01:03:00 am 2006  
Blogger Sprezzatura said...

Hey, it was simply a demonstration of the old English 'Public School' accent. I don't do it all the time =p

Sat Sep 16, 03:36:00 pm 2006  

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