Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Elevation of the Cross

Angels from Heaven invisibly circle the life-bringing Cross in fear, and seeing it now brilliantly shed light-bestowing Grace upon the faithful, amazed they stand and cry to thee such words as these:

Rejoice, O Cross, guardian of the world!
Rejoice, the glory of the Church!
Rejoice, thou that dost bountifully gush forth with healings!
Rejoice, thou that dost enlighten the ends of the earth!
Rejoice, wood-fragrant with life, and treasury of wonders!
Rejoice, fitly-joined, thrice-blessed, and bestower of Grace!

Rejoice, for thou art the divine footstool!
Rejoice, for thou wast ordained for the worship of all!
Rejoice, bowl of nectar, full to the brim!
Rejoice, torch of the radiance above!
Rejoice, thou through which the creation is blessed!
Rejoice, thou through the Creator is worshipped!
Rejoice, O Tree most blessed!

O thou thrice-blessed and all-worshipped Cross of Christ, all we the faithful venerate and magnify thee, being joyous at thy divine Exaltation. But as the trophy and unconquered weapon that thou art, by thy Grace, protect, cover, and shelter those who cry to thee:

Rejoice, O Tree most blessed!

Taken from the Akathist Hymn to the Spiritual Ladder, the Precious Cross (Jordanville, 1994)

[via Fr Joseph Huneycutt]


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Happy, happy Feast Day!

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