Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The Prots are at it again...

Go to church, win a house
The New Paper, Tuesday, 27th December 2005
IF worshippers head to the house of the Lord, they might just land a new house of their own. In a game-show style giveaway, a Texas church plans to award a US$120,000 three-bedroom house to one of its worshippers on New Year’s Eve. Since 2003, Abundant Life Christian Center has given away a car, a motorcycle and furniture. Said pastor Walter Hallam: “It encourages people to attend the service. It helps keep people off the street with all that revelry going on.”

During this coming Saturday’s service, 20 names will be selected at random and placed with 100 others chosen from services throughout the year.

Twelve finalists – symbolizing the 12 Apostles – will be selected.

Each of the finalists will receive a key, which they will try in a door on stage. The person whose key unlocks the door wins the home.

Music, indoor fireworks and balloon drops will also be part of the festivities.

More than 2000 people typically attend the church’s New Year’s Eve service. – AP.

Even more disturbing - from The Byzantine Forum:
Evangelical Christians to develop biblical park in Galilee
By the Associated Press

Israel is offering evangelical Christians a chunk of the Holy Land.
Fourteen hectares (35 acres) of rolling hills and rocky shores of the Sea of Galilee, tucked between key sites in Jesus' ministry, would be leased to an association of evangelists led by American religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, Israeli tourism officials say.

The potential deal for turning over biblical lands to develop a tourist destination underlines how ties have strengthened in recent years between Israel and evangelical Christian groups.

For other Christian denominations, which represent tens of thousands of Arabs living in the Holy Land, the deal raises questions about possible threats to the sensitive status quo in the Galilee region where they have owned land for hundreds of years.

"There is no central place today in Israel for the evangelical Christians,” Tourism Minister Avraham Hirschson said. “Here they will be able to re-enact what happened.”

There is no place in Israel for the Evangelicals and there never will be. The Evangelical strain of Protestantism began in 18th century America and England with figures such as Jonathan Edwards, Robert Raikes and the Wesley brothers. The Evangelicals have had nothing to do with the Holy Land other than their attempt to forment war between Muslim and Jew in order to bring about Armageddon.

As far as I'm concerned, this is nothing more than a "manifestation of pseudo-Christian Zionism". I believe this a ploy of Israel to weaken the ancient Churches that have been there for over two millenia.

Holy Apostle James, Brother of the Lord & first bishop of Jerusalem, pray unto God for us!


Blogger WinDeZ said...

read Acts 5:35-39. I know your good intentions, but by the measure of those you judge, so shall you be judged.

I seriously doubt that the Lord would punish those who are seeking to spread His Name, as compared to those who do nothing to spread His Name but instead fault those who do make an effort. Honestly and as a friend.

Fri Dec 30, 12:30:00 am 2005  
Blogger Norman said...

*puzzled* By using a lucky draw to attract people to come to church, what kind of message does it send to people?

Sun Jan 01, 06:24:00 pm 2006  

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