Monday, September 19, 2005

Attention all Protestants!

I would like to raise some questions on the nature of your faith.

What is the meaning of Christian stewardship – to own or to serve?

What is the difference between Christianity and the earthly institutions of your religion?

More importantly,
Where does conviction end and fanaticism begin?


Blogger mIsTy_bIsTy said...

Hey Sam..~

Yes, yes...I am here to comment..LoL..~ And I shall leave some comments..~

Nahz, Sam..really...don't bother about Protestants. They are the fools of all fools and if u argue with them (just like last night), you are gonna waste two things (or is it three?)

1) Breathe
2) Blood
3) Saliva (extra) LoL...~

I'm serious, Sam. I've also talked to this to one of my close friend (if u know whom I've been talking about: Refer to my latest post..~) about the arguments u had with that former church people last night, she also suggest that you ignore this kind of people. "No point arguing one, trust me," she said that.

See, even ur friends are telling to ignore this 'heretic'. So, my final advice:-

Ignore the future heretics. Trust me, they are not worth ur every breathe talking to them. Let them whatever they want to do. :-)

Tue Sep 20, 01:25:00 am 2005  

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